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Business excellence and short delivery time

In addition to being a technology leader in highly hermetic thin film encapsulation with Parylene or multilayer composite, excellence in business operation is enabling the completion of purchase orders in just 15 working days! We inspect, clean, mask, mount, coat, demask, and ship parts in as little as 2 to 3 weeks thanks to our high production capacity supplied by our four chemical vapor deposition machines, simple procedures, and highly competent staff. Furthermore, owing to the central location of our facility in Europe, we can deliver goods to any European country within a short amount of time.

Our class 5 clean room operation serves as the best example of our quick workflows because the inspection, washing, masking, fixturing, and coating procedures are all located there sequentially. There is no need to transport parts over long distances. The integration of the surface activation and coating processes into the coating machine is another good illustration. It eliminates the requirement for separate time-consuming surface pre-conditioning. Working with our self-designed machines, our engineers perform all maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting themself reducing dead times to a maximum and eliminating the risk of large waiting times for external support.

Our customers appreciate our responsivity and short delivery time well, this is a reason for them to choose and stick to COAT-X for the barrier coating.

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