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CX-LOTUS Superhydrophobic Nanocoating

The Hydrophobic Coating for Medical Devices

CX-LOTUS is a water repellent coating that is

  • biocompatible
  • inorganic
  • transparent
  • UV stable
  • resistant
  • non sticking
  • easy-to-clean
  • free of PFAS
stents HX

CX-LOTUS is applied under vacuum by chemical vapour deposition (CVD)  with our Parylene Coaters (CX-30, CX-300 or CX-600).

The deposition process at room temperature of CX-LOTUS is compatible with

  • polymers
  • ceramics
  • metal
  • natural materials like leather or cotton.


The process penetrates deep inside porous materials or fabric and builds a uniform highly covering coating.


It is highly conformable even on complex 3D profiles.


CX-LOTUS can be combined with CX-PROTECT or CX-ULTRA for best waterproofing and water repelling properties.

PCB2 cut


CX-LOTUS is superhydrophobic with a wetting angle larger than  130°, it provides

  • quick drying of surfaces
  • easy cleaning
  • reduced water penetration
  • reduced adhesion properties


CX-LOTUS is slightly oleophobic




CX-LOTUS is made of inorganic, made of a ceramic. It is biocompatible, and passed the folowing biocompatiblity tests

  • cytotoxicity test ISO 10993-5:2009
  • irritation and skin sensitization ISO 10993-10:2009
  • OEKO-TEX label


It is compatible with all sterilization methods including steam sterilization.

It is available in a thickness range of 100nm up to 1um.

Application of CX LOTUS on Polycarbonate Helmet Visor

Medical devices

COAT-X is ISO 13485 certified and is thus allowed to coat medical devices for legal manufacturers.

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