We provide high performance conformal  coatings made of Parylene thin films to protect your products against harsh environment.

We offer coating service and last generation CVD and PE-CVD coating equipment.

Helium diffusion test by Coat-X
Encapsulation d'aimants par du parylène mulitcouche par Coat-X


COAT-X SA is a privately owned Swiss company founded in 2016 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Our technology platform is a key enabler for product reliability and miniaturization.

Latest news

Acquisition of COAT-X by Plasmalex

We are pleased to announce an exciting development for our company: COAT-X has been acquired by the Plasmalex group of companies. Plasmalex is a leading provider of innovative low pressure as well as atmospheric

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Coat-X SA

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