Technology, expertise & services

Our coating platform typically combines organic and inorganic layers deposited at ambient temperature via an enhanced proprietary Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process.

Our single-chamber CVD reactor allows 3D conformal deposition of Parylene, ceramic or combined Parylene/ceramic multilayers on a variety of substrates and complex geometries.

The proprietary design of our third generation of reactors offers a tight control of the coating’s thickness as well as full flexibility of the layer combinations.

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Expert in thin film encapsulation

Solution tailored to your needs

Engineering services in order to define the best coating solution for your product, including:

  • Parylene C, N, F-VT4, F-AF4,
  • Silicon-based ceramic (SiO2, SiC, SiOxCy, SiOxNy)
  • Layered Parylene/ceramic coatings.


The support of a passionate team of experts with over 100 years of cumulative experience in thin film barrier coating.

Performance verification & qualification

Routine or dedicated testing of your coated parts in our lab using standardizes test methods such as:

  • Adhesion testing
  • Helium diffusion testing
  • Thickness measurements
  • Accelerated aging
  • Surface insulation resistance (SIR)
  • Bending test

Coating services

Routine coating of your products/components in an ESD safe, class 5 cleanroom environment including:
  • Proprietary surface preparation techniques (cleaning, surface activation…)
  • Masking/demasking options
  • REACH and RoHS compliance
  • Upstream/downstream subassembly steps (upon request)
  • Full traceability per ISO13485 requirements (upon request)

Equipment installation

In 2019 we validated our third generation of reactors for medical applications.

Depending on your production volume or supply chain organization, a coating system can be installed at your location.

Installation would include technology transfer, maintenance and training.

Intellectual Property

Coat-X’s technology platform is protected by a portfolio of granted patent families, patent applications, as well as unique know-how kept as trade secret.

A non-exclusive license to Coat-X intellectual property is included in the cost of production coating runs.

Exclusivity for a dedicated coating recipe or a specific application can be offered on a case by case basis.