As passionate experts in thin-film encapsulation, we provide unique solutions to our customers to help protect their products against harsh environmental conditions, such as corrosive media and body fluid.

We use our ultra-thin barrier coating technology to encapsulate the most critical parts of your products, should they need to function in harsh environmental conditions.

Our proprietary ambient temperature batch process has been applied successfully to different type of sensors, microsystems, PCB, watch components and medical devices.

Our technology provides a platform for other innovative applications and creative problem solving.


About Coat-X

Coat-X’s proprietary technology platform originated 10 years ago from a collaboration between the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson with the Engineering School HE-ARC, Neuchâtel.

Back then, a research program was initiated to protect a smart implantable system for the brain. Thanks to this initial partnership and further development conducted by Andreas Hogg during his Ph.D. work, a new conformal coating platform has been developed.

The technology is unique for its superior hermeticity and minimal volume utilization while keeping costs at a competitive level.

Who we are

To commercialize the technology, a team of experienced scientists, engineers, and technicians has been assembled around the CEO Andreas Hogg, the COO Yanik Tardy, and the CFO Eric Nagels, with cutting-edge skills in thin film vacuum deposition technology (CVD, PE-CVD, ALD) and characterization (e.g., hermeticity measurement), electronics, medical devices, and watch components.

Moreover, a global sales force has been deployed to serve our customers anywhere in the world.

Some of our key partners & customers


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