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CX-ULTIMA ALD Conformal Coating

The ultimate thin film encapsulation

CX-ULTIMA, our latest thin film technology is an advanced composite coating with  water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) as low as 5.7 10-5 g/m2 day.

CX-ULTIMA is 200 times more waterproof than CX-ULTRA, and 400’000 than CX-PROTECT.

Enables years of moisture protection  in difficult environment.

A very thin barrier layer with all of the advantages of Parylene material like high dielectric strength and low dielectric loss.

22623762 - drops of water on the printed circuit  close-up
Rigid PCB Watch component coated with parylene by Coat-X

CX-ULTIMA is a truly 3D conformal coating thanks to the ALD and CVD processes.

It provides a perfect coverage even on very complex 3D profiles.

The vapor phase deposition enables high penetration depth, reaching narrow crevices or deep holes.


CX-ULTRA is available with two Parylene grades

  • Parylene-C up to 100°C
  • Parylene-F for higher temperatures


CX-ULTIMA is ideal for medical devices, it protects at very long-term devices and electronics against corrosion and degradation and it improves the biocompatibility of base materials.

The coating is

  • Fully biocompatible and biostable
  • Compatible with all sterilization methods
Implant Rheon 5

Medical devices

COAT-X is ISO 13485 certified and is thus allowed to coat medical devices for legal manufacturers.

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