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The ultimate thin film encapsulation

CX-ULTIMA, our latest thin film technology is an advanced composite coating with  water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) as low as 1E-5 g/m2 day.

CX-ULTIMA is 200 times tighter than CX-ULTRA, and 400’000 than CX-PROTECT.

Enables years of moisture protection  in difficult environment.

A very thin barrier layer with all of the advantages of Parylene material like high dielectric strength, low dielectric loss.

22623762 - drops of water on the printed circuit  close-up
Rigid PCB Watch component coated with parylene by Coat-X

CX-ULTIMA is a highly conformal coating thanks to the ALD and CVD processes.

Therefore it provides an excellent coverage even on very complex 3D profile.

The vapor phase deposition enables high penetration depth, reaching narrow crevices or deep holes.

Medical devices

COAT-X is ISO 13485 certified and is thus allowed to coat medical devices for legal manufacturers.

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