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CX-300 Parylene Coater

Large size CVD coating machine for the production of Parylene thin films

The CX-600 Parylene coater is low temperature CVD coating machine with a reactor volume of 600L to produce Parylene thin films. It is fully automated and integrates surface activation processes.

CX-600 can be integrated in production lines for electronic or medical devices or semiconductors. The machine can easily be coupled to clean rooms.

The CVD Parylene coater is also available in smaller (CX-30 and CX-300) designs.

CX-600 has been designed by COAT-X for the production of high quality Parylene conformal coatings. It is the results of more than 10 years of intense research and development. CX-600 produces high quality pinhole-free Parylene conformal coatings from 100 nm up to 40um with very precise control over deposition rate.

Parylene thin films produced with the CX-600 are excellent moisture barrier coatings and dielectric insulators with high breakdown voltage, low coefficient of friction, excellent biocompatibility and chemical stability.

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