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Exciting News in the World of Low Permeability Barrier Coatings!

We’re thrilled to announce that our cutting-edge research and development team led by Damia DEKKAR and Florian BOURGEOIS and has successfully measured the very low water vapor transmission rate of a brand new multilayer Parylene coating by ALD/CVD, clocking in at an impressive 5.7 10-5 g/m2 day, thanks to our state-of-the-art HiBarSense Permeation Analyzer from SEMPA SYSTEMS!

With the recent acquisition of the HiBarSens tester, COAT-X has reinforced its permeation analysis capabilities for ultra-tight barrier layers. The new equipment uses laser spectroscopy and allows the measurement of very low water permeation rates (WVTR) in both vapor and liquid phases down to 10-6 g/m2day. Available to the research team of COAT-X, it is fully integrated in the development process, accelerating the optimization of new coatings. Recently a WVTR coefficient as low as 5.7 10-5 g/m2 day has been measured at 38°C and 90% relative humidity. It was determined for a 4 um new composite thin film combining Parylene and ceramics processed by CVD and ALD.

This outstanding measurement of 5.7 10-5 g/m2 day indicates that our multilayer Parylene coating by ALD/CVD boasts an extremely superior resistance to water permeation compared to other coatings in the market. It is indeed an extremely low value, 200 times lower than the current Parylene composite technology by PE-CVD, and 400’000 lower than for a pure Parylene C coating of the same thickness.

With this groundbreaking technology, we have made a big step and are setting new standards for performance and reliability in thin film encapsulation with Parylene multilayer composites. 

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